Kingsville History

Kingsville, Canada’s most southern Town, is situated along the north shore of Lake Erie. Known for its favourable climate and productive soils, the Kingsville-Gosfield area was referred to as "Canada's Paradise Garden" by 19th century writers.

First known as the Township of Gosfield , the community was settled by United Empire Loyalists of primarily German ancestry along the shore of Lake Erie and by British immigrants along the Talbot Trail. Early residents depended upon the selling of agricultural goods and natural resources for their livelihood. Nineteen small hamlets, including Arner, North Ridge, Olinda and Albertville, developed throughout the Township to service the needs of nearby residents. Three larger centres known as Cottam, Ruthven and Kingsville, provided more specialized goods and services, transportation systems, and industries.

By the late 19th century, Kingsville had become a popular summer playground for Canadian and American tourists. They flocked to Paradise Grove, a beautiful wooded grove along the banks of Mill Creek and the shore of Lake Erie, for picnics, revival meetings, and reunions.

Three well-known men were influential in shaping the Town. James King, the community’s founder, gave Kingsville it’s name, while Hiram Walker capitalized on its tourism potential by building the famous Mettawas Hotel in 1889. Walker also built a railway line, known as the L.E.E. & D.R.R., from Windsor to Kingsville in 1888.

Jack Miner, one of Canada’s first wildlife conservationists and noted for changing the migratory route of the Canada Goose, welcomed thousands of international visitors to his Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary each year.
Amalgamated with the Townships of Gosfield North and South in 1999, the new Town of Kingsville is an interesting blend of rural and Victorian charm.

Kingsville 1790 – 2000 “A Stroll Through Time

In celebration of both the Millennium and the Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society’s 25th Anniversary, Book Committee members began the enormous task of researching and writing a history of the new Town of Kingsville.

This well-researched history brings to life the fascinating story of Kingsville’s and Gosfield’s past, as seen by residents and tourists alike. More than 350 box stories, interspersed throughout the 539 photographs and 676 pages of text, poignantly illustrate the Town’s rich social history in a delightful and oftentimes humours manner.

Sold as a 2-Volume Set, which can be purchased for the amazing sale price of $35.00 for the hard cover set and $30.00 for a soft cover set. Please forward cheque or money order, payable to the Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society, sent to their mailing address, P.O. Box 36, Kingsville, Ontario, N9Y 2E8. Books can also be purchased at the Town of Kingsville Municipal Office located at 2021 Division Road North, Kingsville, Ontario.

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